Duration: 9 Days & 8 Nights
Location: Israel And Jordan
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Explore the places where Jesus walked and preached.

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  • Thu Day 01:  USA / Amman – Jordan
  • Fri Day 02: Arrive Amman / Jerash / Tiberias Israel.
  • Sat Day 03: Tiberias.  (Full day touring In the footsteps of Christ )
  • Sun Day 04: Tiberias. (Full day touring in the footsteps of Christ)
  • Mon Day 05: Tiberias / Haifa. (In the footsteps of Christ)
  • Tue Day 06: Haifa / Caesarea / Old Jaffa / Tel Aviv.
  • Wed Day 07: Tel Aviv / Bethlehem / West Bank / Jerusalem.
  • Thu Day 08: Jerusalem   (Full day visiting Jerusalem)
  • Fri Day 09: Jerusalem / Masada / Kings Bridge / Madaba. (Full day) / Amman Airport. (Late evening)

Thu Day 01:  USA / Amman Jordan.

This evening make your way to the airport and check in for your flight to Amman Jordan.  This journey requires a single entry visa to Israel and a double entry visa to Jordan.

Overnight: En Route.


Fri Day 02: Arrive Amman / Jerash Jordan/  Jerash / Tiberias Israel. (Private Coach Transfer)

This morning touch down at Amman, the capital city of Jordan. Here we will clear immigration, (Double entry visa required) and collect our baggage off the carousel and proceed through customs to the exit where we will be met and transferred a local hotel.

07:00hrs – 08:30hrs – Breakfast at airport hotel. We will transfer by our private coach to an airport hotel where we can freshen up and have a hot buffet breakfast included.

08:30hrs – 09:30hrs – On our way to cross into Israel, we have a short drive to Jerash, the archeological wonder and ancient city before we cross into Israel this afternoon.

09:30hrs – 12:00hrs – Visit the ancient city of Jerash built in the 1st century. In AD 106, the Emperor Trajan constructed the roads and more trade came to Jerash, Considered to be the best preserved Ancient Roman City in the World.

12:30hrs – 13:3hrs –   Lunch break outside the UNESCO city of Jerash.

13:30hrs – 15:00hrs – Drive from Jerash to Beit She’an Border crossing.

15:00hrs – 16:30hrs – Clear Jordan and Israel border crossing formalities.

16:30hrs – 17:30hrs – Arrive at Tiberias and check in to our hotel.

Overnight: The Astoria Hotel Tiberias. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included today)


Sat Day 03: Tiberias.    (Full day touring “ In the footsteps of Christ “.)

This morning fully rested, we enjoy breakfast together and then meet in the lobby at 8:30hrs as we set out to begin to explore Jesus ministry. Nof Ginnosar – This morning we set our by our private coach and drive to the nearby Kibbutz area of Nof Ginosar along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. We will also have a brief ride on a modern boat along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. John 6;1’ 21;1 calls it the sea of Tiberias. Luke 5;1 calls if the Lake of Gennesaret (from the flat district lying on its west coast. Matthew 4:18; 15;29.

Continue to the Mount of Beatitudes: The Sermon on the Mount is recorded in Matthew 5-7 and Luke 6. Next we drive a short distance to Capernaum and the Archaeological Park around the old Synagogue and Peter’s home. Capernaum (Kefar Nochum)  served as Jesus’ home base during his ministry in the Galilee.

Continuing, we visit the archaeological Park and St. Peter’s home.  Beneath the foundations of this octagonal Byzantine martyrium church at Capernaum, archaeologists made one of the most exciting Biblical archaeology discoveries: a simple first-century A.D. home that is believed to be the house of Peter, and the home of Jesus during his teachings in Capernaum.

13:00hrs – Our guide will round everyone up as we continue our visit throughout the area learning as we go about the exciting life of the former community as they met Christ.

Continue our tour to Bethsaida, the birthplace of Peter, Andrew & Philip. Bethsaida is mentioned in Christian Scriptures as a place where Jesus performed several miracles. Located just north of the Sea of Galilee, Bethsaida is an active archeological site first excavated in 1987.

Next – our guide and driver brings us all to visit Tabgha –  The fruitful garden of Tabgha, on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee, is accepted traditionally as the site where Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish (Matthew 14:13-21).

An exhilarating day comes to a close as we return to the hotel for sunset and freshen up and enjoy dinner together discussing the things we witnessed today.

Overnight: The Astoria Hotel Tiberias. (Breakfast & Dinner included today).


Sun Day 04:        Tiberias. (Full day touring in the footsteps of Christ)

This morning after breakfast we will load our private coach and set out on another full day in the towns and villages surrounding Jesus area of Ministry.

Our first stop is the rising dome like area called Mt. Tabor. Scholars disagree on whether Mount Tabor was the scene of that event (described in Matthew 17:1-9; Mark 9: 2-8 and Luke 9:28-36). However, it has throughout history been a place of mystique and atmosphere, where humanity has sought contact with the divine.

Next we will continue our drive a short distance away and arrive at the sacred town of Nazareth. Our first stop will be at Mary’s well. Some 400 meters north of the Church of the Annunciation, just off the main street, is Mary’s Well. Fed by the main freshwater spring in the little village, it would have been visited daily by Mary, often accompanied by her young son Jesus. According to the Greek Orthodox, whose Church of St Gabriel is adjacent, this is the true site of the Annunciation. But both traditions can be accommodated by an account in the early Protoevangelium of James.

Next a visit to the Synagogue Church – The dome and the bell towers of this Greek Catholic church rise over the old market of Nazareth. The building is believed to be the site of the synagogue where Jesus preached.

Our guide and driver will bring us to a small village like scene to experience:

The Parable Walking Tour – It is very important to understand the first century life.  Jesus’ teachings had to make sense to His audience, which means he had to use stories they could relate with. Included Lunch – A meal of Biblical proportions! From the olden days, taste the soup that tempted Esau to give up his inheritance to Jacob. Delicious Lentil stew adds protein to a meal of salads, bread and dips.

After our visit to Nazareth, just minutes away by coach is the next little town of Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. We leave Nazareth and head to Cana.

we drive from Nazareth to Yardenit, less than half an hour from Tiberias.  This is the spot where the Sea of Galilee flows into the River Jordan as we leave the large body of the lake behind. For those who wish to participate in a Baptism, you will need to pack a pair of shorts and another pair to change into when exiting the River in your carryon bag. We will rent each person a robe which must be worn over top of your clothes. (included)

Overnight: The Astoria Hotel Tiberias. (Breakfast & Lunch at Parable walk and then evening Dinner included today)


Mon Day 05:       Tiberias / Haifa. (In the footsteps of Christ)

This morning enjoy breakfast together. We will have the driver load our coach and begin a brief stop and visit of Zippori, (also called Sepphoris) the hometown of Mary, Mother of Jesus.  Next we move on to Megiddo where we will visit and walk through the ancient water source going back to the days of King Solomon. From here we move on to visit Muchraka – the site of the contest between Elijah and the 400 false Baal Prophets (and a Carmelite Monastery today)

Mt Carmel – As we get close to the Mediterranean Sea on our way to Haifa, we will stop at the southern side of Mt. Carmel. Climbing up from beside the Bat Galim Promenade all the way up to Stella Maris, the top of the Carmel ridge, the Haifa cable cars provide a view of Haifa and the bay that must be seen

At the bottom, we will board our coach and head close to Haifa beach where on the slope of the mountain is Elijah’s Cave. It was here that he mediated before the encounter with the priests of Baal. When he met the priests which are described in 1 Kings 18:1-40, Elijah issued a challenge to the over 400 pagan priests. Before their meeting on the summit of Mount Carmel, he called on the priests to seek fire from their god Baal to light a sacrifice.

The Bahai Temple and Gardens. Our final visit this afternoon is a stop at the world famous Bahai temple and the gardens.

Overnight: The Theodore Hotel. (Breakfast & Dinner included today)


Tue Day 06:          Haifa / Caesarea / Old Jaffa / Tel Aviv.

After a hearty breakfast, we meet in the lobby where our driver will load our coach and we set out for a full day of touring before ending up at the holiest city of Jerusalem. Our first stop is at Caesarea.  Caesarea is a magnificent site, a national park where amazing ancient harbor ruins, beautiful beaches, and impressive modern residences sit side by side. Caesarea is originally an ancient Herodian port city located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast about half way between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The site recently been restored to create one of Israel’s most attractive and fascinating archaeological sites.

LUNCH BREAK – Arrive at Old Jaffa where our guide will bring us to an area where everyone can purchase an inexpensive lunch and enjoy a break together.

This afternoon continue our visit in Old Jaffa – Jaffa (also known as Yafo) is the ancient port city out of which Tel Aviv has now grown. Jaffa has, in recent years, like much of South Tel Aviv, been regenerated with the old narrow streets and courtyards becoming another highly desirable part of Tel Aviv’s urban tapestry. Jaffa flea market is a well-known attraction of the area, with vendors selling a diverse range of interesting and unique products. Meanwhile the narrow passageways and ancient buildings in the Old City of Jaffa are worlds away from modern Tel Aviv.

House of Simon the Tanner (Exterior) – The House of Simon the Tanner in Jaffa is a good example for a structure that is connected with some interesting legends and traditions. The House of Simon the Tanner, situated at the heart of Old Jaffa, is said to have hosted Saint Peter, Jesus’ Apostle. According to one of the traditions, it was on the roof of this structure that Saint Peter brought Saint Tabitha back to life.

Jaffa Artist Colony – Together with the museums and the galleries, the populace is also rejuvenating itself. Old Jaffa continues to be a one-of-a-kind artist colony, where many young artists and creators such as Gil Shohat, Ayal Shifron and Hagar Rahavi.

From Jaffa, we will now drive just 30 minutes to the City of Tel Aviv which we will make a few stops to bring the importance of the current times into focus. Stop at Hall of Independence where the former Prime Minister declared independence of Israel on May 15, 1948.

Lastly, we will stop at Yitzak Rabin Square, where the memorial to this assassinated Prime Minister stands on the spot where he was killed. The sculptress Yael Ben-Artzi, has dedictaed this work of art on the first anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. 16 basalt rocks from the Golan Heights are sunk in the ground and signify Rabin’s roots and his bond with the land. The stones placed at different heights, symbolize the political and social earthquake that Israel has undergone with this brutal murder.

Overnight: The Ruth Daniel Hotel. (Breakfast and dinner included)


Wed Day 07:       Tel Aviv / Bethlehem / West Bank / Jerusalem.

This morning we will be met after breakfast as we board our coach early at 08:00hrs and drive an hour to the sacred town of Bethlehem, about 14 miles from Jerusalem.

Church of Nativity – Here was the manger where the birth of Jesus occurred and is narrated in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Mary gave birth in a cave used for animals. The local shepherds came to worship the baby. The three wise men from the east came to pay homage and present their gifts. Also, 1000 years before Christ, Bethlehem was the birthplace of David, anointed King by Samuel.

Next visit St. Jerome’s courtyard – In a cave beneath the Church of Nativity came the most enduring version of the Bible that was every translated. In this underground study, St. Jerome spent 30 years translating the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. The scholarly preset began the task in AD H386. It produced the most authoritative version for Catholics and remained until the 20th Century.

Continue to nearby Shepherd’s fields, the town nearby called Beit Sahur, now a suburb of Bethlehem. This is where the Shepherd’s kept watch over their flock. Here in the Gospel of Luke, he tells us, an angel announced the birth of Jesus.

13:00hrs – Lunch Break – Around this area in Bethlehem we will stop where there are plenty of choices to purchase an inexpensive lunch.

Lazarus Tomb – This afternoon refreshed, we continue towards Jerusalem and stop in the little town of Bethany which is located on the southeast slopes of The Mount of Olives.  Bethany was the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha and it was the scene of a number of New Testament events. The tomb of Lazarus has been venerated by both Christians and Arabs as Jesus raised him from the dead: (John 11:38-44) Jesus was also anointed at the home of Simon the Leper in Bethany (Mark 14:3) and returned to Bethany after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Mark 11:11). Luke says” Jesus ascended into heaven near Bethany (Luke 24:50).

Our guide, coach and driver will bring us to Jericho – It is reputed to be the oldest place on this earth with stories to match. Jericho means “City of Palms” and is mentioned over 70 times in the Old Testament.

familiar sight on the road.

At the conclusion of an enlightening day, we now wind our way into Jerusalem and to our hotel. Check in and freshen up and later we all enjoy a wonderful dinner together as we prepare to visit the holiest of cities tomorrow.

Overnight: The Prima Park Hotel. (Breakfast and dinner included today)


Thu Day 08: Jerusalem   (Full day visiting Jerusalem)

After breakfast this morning, we meet our guide at the hotel lobby at 9:00am and begin a short drive to the Chapel of Ascension located on the Mount of Olives. This is the perfect start to our visit for this historic events which happened here and the views of Jerusalem from our elevated position on the Mountain.

The church of the Ascension belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church of the Ascension. It was built as a 64 meter tower in the 1870’s so that the visiting pilgrims unable to pilgrimage or walk to the Jordan River could at least see the River from the 214 steps they must climb to get that view. There are three other areas that also refer to as places of Ascension. “Jesus ascends to heaven: Acts 1:9-11”

Just minutes away, we will walk through the Garden of Gethsemane, just outside the gates of Jerusalem and at the foot of Mount of Olives. Here is the place where Jesus went with his disciples to pray the night before he was crucified. The name in Hebrew means oil press and it is still pressed from the fruit of 8 ancient olive trees that gives this place a timeless feel.

Next we travel a short distance to Mount Zion Dormition Abbey. The massive Benedictine Church was built by German Kaiser Wilhelm II and opened in 1910. Many other versions were built in this area but were destroyed in different battles over the years until the present day church you visit here. Here in an upper chamber, where Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his disciples.

The Tomb of David – The Old Testament also indicates that David was buried directly under the cenacle where Christians celebrate the Last Supper. This place remains a place of pilgrimage for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.

We board our coach and continue to the most sacred area for Jews in the city. The Western Wall – Judaism holiest place is the Western Wall in the Old city of Jerusalem.  The Tunnels – In the exposed part of the Western Wall today, the seven lowest layers of stones are from Herod’s construction. Most of these stones weigh between two and eight tons. Above these levels, stones were placed in later centuries replacing stones that were forced out during the time Romans put down a revolt by sacking Jerusalem and destroying the temple in AD 70.  Pools of Bethesda – Next we will walk to visit one of the places of Jesus’s miracles. Jesus healed the paralytic at the Bethesda Pool (John 5:2,9) We will stop by and keep in mind that this is not the only pool where Jesus miracles took place.

Via Dolorosa – The Holiest of Walks for Christians. We will begin our walk along Via Dolorosa which translates as Way of Grief, Way of Sorrow or simply Painful way. This is the route that Jesus carried the cross from Jerusalem to Calvary where he was crucified. All along the walk, special stops (stations) are marked to identify what happened at that place during his painful trek.

Next we will explore the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE – Originally built by the mother of Emperor Constantine in 330 A.D., the Church of the Holy Sepulcher commemorates the hill of crucifixion and the tomb of Christ’s burial.

The old city of Jerusalem is a walled area of .9 square kilometers within the city of Jerusalem. These ancient walls surround the OLD CITY and has numerous gates added and opened during different centuries. The gates are all named due to some importance during their time.

At the end of the afternoon, please walk with your friends to the Citadel Museum.

It is a close walk from the Jaffa Gate. Here we will meet and enjoy the museum and later the sound and light show. The Museum presents Jerusalem’s story. It details the major events in its history beginning with the first evidence of a city in Jerusalem in the second millennium BCE, until the city became the capital of the State of Israel, as well as its significance to three religions.

Overnight: The Prima Park Hotel. (Breakfast and dinner included today).


Fri Day 08: Jerusalem / Masada / Kings Bridge / Madaba. (Full day) /  Amman Airport. (Late evening)

Our guide and driver will set out on a two hour drive to the ancient site of Masada. We expect to reach by 10:00am.

Upon arrival at the entrance Museum of the Masada National Park we will board a funicular tram cable car for a short ride to the top of the mountain –Masada is an ancient fortification in the Southern District of Israel situated on top of an isolated rock plateau, akin to a mesa. It is located on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea 20 km east of Arad.

VISIT THE DEAD SEA BEACH – A short drive to the Dead Sea. Just about 30 minutes’ drive brings us to the amazing Dead Sea. Here we have appointments to stay at the beach at the Crown Plaza Hotel Dead Sea (a luxury hotel on the beach). We are reserved for use of the Umbrellas on the Hotel’s beachfront. You may use the changing rooms and swim in the Dead Sea, or the hotel swimming pool.

Relaxed and refreshed we will now drive to the Allenby Bridge which is a different border crossing than the one we entered earlier to Tiberias. We will proceed through the immigration formalities and change to our Jordan bus and guide and driver.

Madaba – As we enter Jordan at the King’s bridge entrance, we will drive from here just one hour southeast to the ancient town of Madaba which is at the foot of Mt. Nebo. Here we are going to visit the Greek Orthodox church of St. George. Inside we will view the 6th century

After our visit to the Greek St. George Orthodox Church, we drive over to one of the many restaurants and enjoy a farewell dinner together and reminiscing about our time together in the Holy land.

Later we load our coach and drive 30 minutes to the Amman International airport and check in for our return flight to USA. We board our flight after midnight this evening.

Overnight: En Route. (Breakfast lunch and dinner included this evening)


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