Duration: 13 Days & 12 Nights
Location: ALASKA
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Enjoy Alaska Wildlife during two weeks.

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  • City tour of Juneau.
  • Small group whale watching cruise.
  • Full day small group cruise of the Glacier national park.
  • Private afternoon touring the Bald Eagle Preserve in Haines.
  • Private small raft adventure in Haines.
  • Glacier Point Wilderness Safari – Private boat and hiking.
  • Private helicopter excursion in Anchorage.
  • City tour of Anchorage.
  • Three days of Full day private plane excursions  (Each day will be provided adventure options based on the current weather and conditions and his knowledge of the area combined with the interests of each client and their fitness level)

Day 1. Mon. En ruote to Juneau.
Make your way to the airport today for your flight to Alaska. Arrive this afternoon and proceed to the arrivals hall and place your luggage onto a trolley. Here you will be met by our representative who will escort you to your vehicle for private transport to your hotel where you can freshen up for your tour and enjoy a quick lunch on your own account.

Join a local Juneau-Douglas City Museum guide for a stroll through part of Juneau’s original town site. Learn how Juneau’s mining past changed the landscape of downtown Juneau and hear stories about the personalities of early Juneau, including tales of prominent Alaskan figures and Juneau families.

The tour includes a visit to Juneau’s oldest church and concludes with a visit to a historic house for refreshments.

This quaint, yet sophisticated town is rich in native culture and is Alaska’s capital city with 30,000 residents. Juneau is tucked in the rainforest where the mountains meet the sea amid 17 million acres of Tongass national forest and 1,000 square mile ice field. The spectacular scenery of mountains, glaciers, fjords, lakes, streams, forests, with lots of bear, eagles, whales and other wildlife is unmatched. Though in this lush rainforest, a periodic drizzle during the day is always possible and as is occasional snow in mid-winter (Dec-Mar). Ranked #11 Best Places to Live in America based on quality of life including affluence, education, commuting time, easy access to recreation and other factors according to a study by the American City Business Journal.
Overnight: Pearsons Pond Resort. Deluxe room, no Meals provided today

Day 2. Tue. Juneau. (Small group whale watching cruise 8:00am / 12:00pm) / Juneau / Gustavus. 
After a lovely breakfast this morning you will check out of the hotel and meet your private driver at the front desk of the hotel. Enjoy the best that Juneau has to offer by land and sea. First, join a small group for an intimate whale encounter on a small but comfortable vessel. Each vessel is fast, safe and mammal friendly with a fully enclosed and heated cabin, large windows and plenty of deck space. The “mammal friendly'” water jet-drive is quiet underwater and does not have a propeller which allows marine mammals to swim and feed nearby in safety.

Whales are the operator’s specialty. Humpback whales can be found actively feeding and playing near Juneau from May through September. Onboard, your naturalist will offer you a taste of wild Alaskan salmon, Alaskan chocolate, fudge and an assortment of Coke products, bottled water, coffee, hot chocolate. The operator is so confident that they will find whales that they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your captain is unable to find a whale.

You will spend a total of two hours on the water in Juneau to see the whales.

After whale encounter you will visit The Ladd Macaulay Salmon Hatchery where you will get a “Deluxe Behind the Scenes Visit”. During your visit, you will get to experience the new exhibit, “The Salmon Smolt and Rearing Facility.” Where there are 4 large indoor raceways, filled with King and Coho smolt (baby salmon). If the egg-take process is not going on, the tour guide will show an educational DVD of the process. After visiting the new facility you will also get to experience the “Touch Tanks” where you can get up close and personal with star fish, sea cucumbers, tanner crabs and sea anemones. In addition you will get to see the amazing 5,000 gallon saltwater aquarium filled with local marine life. During your visit, you can enjoy samples of king salmon dip, salmon jerky, canned smoked salmon and salmon caviar.

In the midafternoon you will be privately transferred to the airport for your short light aircraft flight to Gustavus / Glacier Bay National Park. On arrival, you will be privately transferred from the airport to your lodge, just a stone’s throw away from the National Park.

Overnight: Glacier Bay Country Inn. Deluxe room. BLD

Day 3. Wed. Glacier Bay Park. (Full day small group cruise of the national park)
Spend the day on the waters of Glacier Bay and see magnificent tidewater glaciers, ancient snow-capped mountains, whales, stellar sea lions, rare birds, coastal bears, seals, eagles, and so much more!

This tour is the only scheduled day tour permitted inside Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

The Glacier Bay Day Tour takes you on a comfortable, heated, high-speed catamaran ride for an intimate view of marine and coastal wildlife, alongside massive glaciers, and towering mountains.

Your journey takes you to the face of the Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers, two of the many tidewater glaciers found in the National Park.

Overnight: Glacier Bay Country Inn. Deluxe room BLD

Day 4. Thu. Gustavus / Juneau. Juneau / Haines.
Haines. (Private afternoon touring the Bald Eagle Preserve)
This morning after breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your light aircraft flight to Haines, connecting through Juneau.

On arrival in Haines you will be taken to your lodge to check in and enjoy lunch on your own account.

Afterwards, meet your driver/guide in the lobby for a private afternoon tracking the Eagles.

The Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve was created by the State of Alaska in June of 1982. The preserve was established to protect and perpetuate the world’s largest concentration of Bald Eagles and their critical habitat. It also sustains and protects the natural salmon runs and allows for traditional uses; provided such uses do not adversely affect preserve resources. The Preserve consists of 48,000 acres of river bottom land of the Chilkat, Kleheni, and Tsirku Rivers. The boundaries were designated to include only areas important to eagle habitation. Virtually every portion of the preserve is used by eagles at some time during the year.

The river “flats” of the Chilkat River along the Haines Highway between miles 18 and 24 are the main viewing area for eagle watchers and considered critical habitat in the preserve. Bald eagles are attracted to the area by the availability of spawned-out salmon and open waters in late fall and winter.

Return to the hotel before the sun sets and enjoy taking a look at your picture over dinner on your own account.

Overnight: Chilkoot River Lodge. Deluxe room (B)

Day 5. Fri. Haines. (Eagle Preserve – Private small raft adventure)
After breakfast this morning, meet your driver in the lobby of the lodge to being your private full day adventure.

The Chilkat Valley is year-round home for between 200 and 400 eagles. Over 80 eagle nests have been observed in the Eagle Preserve. By the time of the Fall Congregations, the resident eagles are through raising their young, although immature eagles may stay near their parents for a year or more. Over 3,000 bald eagles have been counted within the preserve during the Fall Congregation (October through February)

Watch for Eagles and Wildlife on this spectacular river float trip. While docked in the picturesque fishing village of Haines, your adventure begins with a narrated ride up the Alaska Highway and into the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. There, you meet your naturalist guides and board heavy-duty 18 foot rafts to float quietly through the heart of the Preserve. The eagle preserve boasts the largest congregation of Bald Eagles in the world.

Eagles, bears and wolves all frequent the preserve to feed on the plentiful salmon making their way upstream to their spawning beds. Often moose are spotted crossing the river or feeding on the grasses in the ponds of the valley.
The preserve is also home to Klukwan the mother village of the Tlingit nation. Located at the confluence of three rivers, this historic village has seen a multitude of generations. For hundreds of years the Tlingits have lived off the bounty of this special place. And still today you will see them fishing and smoking their catch at the river’s edge.

Return to the lodge by private transfer at the end of the day.

Overnight: Chilkoot River Lodge. Deluxe room (B)

Day 6. Sat. Haines. (Glacier Point Wilderness Safari – Private boat and hiking)
After breakfast you will be picked up from the lobby of your hotel for a full day adventure.

See the Davidson Glacier up close, from the vantage point of our 30-foot Voyager Canoes. The Glacier Point Wilderness Safari brings you into the Alaskan Wilderness and gives you a taste of the “True Alaska.”

Your adventure begins at the pier where we’ll board a high-speed jet catamaran en route to an Alaskan paradise.

We’ll ply the waters of the deepest Fjord in North America with a naturalist guide, watching for whales, sea lions, porpoise, and many other species of marine wildlife.

We dock at Glacier Point and board our Safari Buses for a short drive over the terminal moraines.

Our award-winning guides share with you the wonders of this Glacial Wilderness. A quarter mile hike will lead us to the iceberg-studded lake where we’ll paddle our canoes to the face of the glacier. This is an ideal family adventure and one you won’t soon forget!

Return to the pier in the afternoon where you have the remainder of the day at your leisure.

Overnight: Chilkoot River Lodge. B

Day 7. Sun. Haines / Juneau. Juneau. (Driver at disposal Juneau between flights)
Juneau / Anchorage.
Anchorage. (Private helicopter excursion 3:30pm / 5:00pm)
Anchorage. (Short city tour in a nutshell)
Enjoy your final morning in Haines with a delicious breakfast before you check out and take your private transfer to the airport. Here you will fly back to Juneau and connect to you jet flight to Anchorage.

On arrival in Anchorage you will collect your luggage at baggage claim and meet your driver in the arrivals hall. From here you will be taken to just outside of the city to the helipad for your afternoon adventure.

When you arrive, hop aboard a comfortable helicopter for a 30-minute helicopter tour over beautiful glacial valleys and magnificent fields filled with translucent blue glaciers created centuries ago. As you fly over the Chugach Mountains and the Chugach State Park backcountry, capture aerial views of Knik Glacier, Whiteout Glacier and Lake George. Become completely surrounded by the surreal, untouched landscape as you enjoy commentary from your expert pilot through your 2-way radio headset.

The highlight of your trip is the glacier landing! Your helicopter will land on a glacier, right in the middle of some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in Alaska. Step out onto ice thousands of years old. Experience the wonder and beauty that is Alaska in its glacial melt pools and stunning ice sculptures created by water, wind, and sun. Land on Colony Glacier and spend 15 to 20 minutes taking photos while standing amongst the awesome glacial surroundings. The 360-panorama of commanding mountains and blue ice is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

After filling your camera, hop aboard your helicopter for a 30-minute ride back to your original takeoff location, followed by a drive back to Anchorage. Upon your helicopter return, you will begin a brief private overlook visit of the city ending at your hotel.

On this guided city tour, see top Anchorage attractions including Lake Hood Seaplane Base; Operating continuously and open to the public, Lake Hood is the world’s busiest seaplane base, handling an average of 190 flights per day. It is located on Lakes Hood and Spenard, next to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, three miles from downtown Anchorage.

Also briefly stop by Bootleggers Cove, Earthquake Park and the Port of Anchorage for wonderful views and historical information. Enjoy views of the city and the Chugach Mountains from Flat Top Mountain, spot moose and other Alaskan wildlife, and a special tour of the renowned Alaska Native Heritage Center, where you’ll learn about Alaska’s fascinating indigenous cultures.

Local residents and visitors to Alaska are introduced to Native traditions and customs of both the past and present. The Welcome House is a celebration of contemporary Alaska Native cultures while the outdoor facilities and sites allow the exploration of ancient tradition and the presentation of stories from the past. Our Center provides a unique opportunity to experience Alaska’s many diverse Native cultures at one location. In facilitating the transmission of Alaska Native knowledge, heritage and tradition, the Center promotes self-esteem and pride among Alaska Natives. The Alaska Native Heritage Center improves understanding among all Alaskans and encourages appreciation of Alaska Native people and their traditions, history, and contributions to Alaska.

Overnight: Anchorage Marriott. Deluxe room, B

Day 8. Mon. Anchorage / Valdez.
Valdez / Chitina. (Private drive 2.5 hours)
Chitina / Ultima Lodge. (Private plane transfer 11:00am / 12:30pm)
Ultima Lodge. (Private afternoon excursion)
Early this morning you will have breakfast before private transfer to the airport for your flight to Valdez. On arrival you will have a private transfer to Chitina, where you will be picked up by your private plane from Ultima Lodge in Wrangell – St. Elias National Park.

On arrival at the lodge, you will be greeted as part of the family by the Claus’s. Check into your room and enjoy lunch miles away from any real road. After lunch and a conversation with the lodge coordinator, your pilot will decide where to take you this afternoon, the lodge will even guarantee you will see bears!
“Wilderness,” says Paul, “is the unexpected. We let nature lead us, not the other way around, so every day here is different.”

Ultima Thule’s daily Alaska Adventure Tours have no itinerary. When you wake and make your way to the grand room at the main lodge, the Claus family is already studying the skies. The Clauses and their experienced Alaskan wilderness guides can help you discover the perfect activity each day to match your mood, experience level and your interests.

“In these Piper Super Cubs we can land you anywhere,” says Paul, one of the most celebrated bush pilots in Alaska. “We can fly you up into a mountain valley, put you down on a sandbar at the edge of the forest, and guide you on a hike that literally no one has ever done before.”

One day, you may fly to explore an abandoned gold mine. Or kayak and fish for salmon in a glacial fed river. Or hike in pursuit of Dall sheep across a mountain ridge. The next day you’ll find yourself landing in the middle of the largest non-polar glacier in the world, the Bagley Ice field, for an undisturbed view of the earth’s most massive pile of rock and ice, Mt. Logan.

Overnight: Ultima Thule Lodge. Private Cabin. BLD

Day 9. Tue. Ultima lodge. (Full day private plane excursion)
After a fantastic Alaskan breakfast at the lodge you will meet with your pilot to decide where to go today.

Each day, the weather is considered and safari flight adventures begin. The light bush airplanes are specifically designed to access off the beaten path places while ensuring minimal impact to the natural world and a heightened level of personal experience. Guests find themselves in a world removed from civilization and the press of humanity while stopping for a picnic lunch in the middle of the largest (non-polar) glacier on earth; on top of a high alpine plateau to walk among arctic flowers and sample wild berries; next to a salmon stream fishing alongside grizzly bears, or soaring among 14 – 18,000 foot peaks along the way to the Pacific coastline to watch 1000 year old glacier ice crash into the surf.
Today, just like every day at the lodge, you will be enjoying a picnic lunch. Doing this allows you to see the most of the Alaskan Wilderness without travelling back to the lodge.

Some examples of your adventures:
· Air Safari Adventures
· Glacier Exploration and Hiking
· Flight Seeing
· Hiking And Trekking on Alpine Tundra, Glacier Ice or through Boreal Rainforests
· Salmon and Trout Fishing
· Bear Viewing
· Wildlife Viewing
· Bird Watching
· Photography
· Beach Combing
· Wilderness Discovery And Immersion
· Leisure Travel
· Visit Gold Rush Era Historic Sites
· Wine & Cheese on the Ice field (in the middle of the world’s largest non-polar glacier!)
· Wild Land Protection And Education

Return to the lodge in the afternoon in time for dinner in the dining hall.

Overnight: Ultima Thule Lodge. Private Cabin. BLD

Day 10. Wed. Ultima lodge. (Full day private plane excursion)
After breakfast you will begin another full day adventure in Wrangell – St. Elias National Park. Lunch again will be a picnic while enjoying the immense scenery.

Overnight: Ultima Thule Lodge. Private Cabin. BLD

Day 11. Thu. Ultima lodge. (Full day private plane excursion)
After breakfast you will begin another full day adventure in Wrangell – St. Elias National Park. Lunch again will be a picnic while enjoying the immense scenery.

Overnight: Ultima Thule Lodge. Private Cabin. BLD

Day 12. Fri. Ultima lodge / Chitina. (Private plane transfer)
Chitina / Valdez. (Private drive 2.5 hours)
Valdez / Anchorage.
Enjoy breakfast before your final adventure at Ultima Lodge.

Return to the lodge afterwards for a quick lunch before you are flown to Chitina and privately driven to Valdez. Here you will board your flight to Anchorage.

On arrival you will be met and privately transferred to your hotel, the Anchorage Marriott.

Overnight: Anchorage Marriott. (BL)

Day 13. Sat. Anchorage / Seattle / Home
This morning at 7:00am, after an early breakfast, you will be checked out of the hotel and meet your driver in the lobby of the hotel. From here you will be privately transferred to the Anchorage airport for your flight to Seattle. Make your connecting flight to your final destination and you will return home this evening with memories and pictures to last a lifetime. (B)


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